Retention X Bond Sealant

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This revolutionary solution increases flexibility of any eyelash glue, extending the retention of lashes by up to 30%

Retention X instantly bonds your adhesive making them completely waterproof. It also locks in any fumes. When vapours are contained, adhesives achieve much better retention.

Retention X can be used with all types of lashes and any type of lash glue.


• Once your set is complete dry your work with an air puffer

• Apply a small amount of retention X to a micro brush

• Gently pat the micro brush along the lash line where your adhesive is attached

• Air dry with puffer for a few seconds


• Instantly waterproof

• Contains adhesive fumes

• Maximises retention

• Accelerates curing

• 15ml bottle

• No shelf life restrictions

• Application for up to 300 clients

• Works with any adhesive