Flat Lashes

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Curl C curl .15
Length 8mm

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Want to glam up your classics? Want More Volume with Less Stress? These will have you covered!

0.15 flat lashes look like a 0.20 but only weigh the same as a 0.15 lash

Flat lashes (also known as ellipse or cashmere) weigh approximately half the weight of their classic lash sister

Instead of having a round, circle base like a normal classic lash, flat lashes have a flatter, oval base giving them more bonding power which means they hold better and stay on for longer

Flat lashes are our most popular seller for a dramatic classic set


Mixing Flat Lashes with our volume fans is an easy way to add texture and dimension to your hybrid sets OR Mix them with our classics to create different shades and depth (think ombré)


• Ultra soft & light

• Eco friendly tray

• Better adhesive bond

• Increased retention

• Split tip for added volume

• Matt finish

• Cruelty Free & Vegan

• Mink synthetic material

• 12 rows per tray