Lash Bath

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Clean lashes are healthy lashes! Lash shampoo is an essential after care to ensure the longevity of yours and your clients extensions

Many other cleansers and makeup removers are oil-based. While this might be okay to be used on the rest of your skin, you should avoid using oil-based products on your eyelash extensions

Lash shampoo removes bacteria, makeup residue, skin cells, dirt and oils form your lashes that build up over time

Failing to remove these impurities will result in retention loss and dirty lashes (look up lash mites)

The key to long-lasting eyelash extensions is to not disturb the bond

Oil-based formulas can interfere with and loosen the bond, which will result in you or your clients going for an infill appointment much sooner than you should be


Easy foam pump

Oil free


Use 3-4 times a week for best results